Photo by 
AZGAN MjESHTRI on Unsplash

Matthew 15:21-28

She came asking for help, I don’t know why
she thought the Boss would turn and meekly comply
He needed a break, so we had come far away
To this place we could hide and have some rest and some play.

She shouted and clamoured and broke through our line.
We’re not really bodyguards and she refused to decline.
We plead with the Boss to send her forthwith.
He agreed telling her, “I’m not for you; it’s my own that I’m with.”

“Evenso,” cried she, “I’m hanging about.
Any leftovers there are, I claim – don’t you doubt!”
The Boss looked astounded, and turned with a grin.
“Take what you need. And, boys? See how she’s not out, but in!”

(c) Dennis Ryle