Zesty Zeke…

Ezekiel's vision from Wikimedia Commons
Ezekiel’s vision from Wikimedia Commons 

When the molasses are thick, what keeps some folk swimming while others succumb?

Ezekiel seems quite upbeat in the midst of most depressing circumstances. He is a welcome guide as we tread the heavy Lenten journey to Jerusalem and the cross. Todays text, Ezekiel 37:24-28,  holds out to exiled Israel a beatific vision of a restored and unified realm. No wishful thinking or trite optimism here. Ezekiel grasps the desperate reality of his current circumstances. Rather than sink, however, the troubles become a foothold for hope.  His grasp of the faithfulness of God’s intentions is so strong he can only see the fulfilment of a process towards the realisation of “rightness.”

Victor Frankl observed similar phenomena as a survivor and observer of the Holocaust, resulting in his well known “Man’s Search for Meaning” and the practice of logotherapy.  A relentless sense of purpose can see a person survive the most dire situations. Zesty Zeke helps lead the way.

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