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from Wikimedia Commons

from Wikimedia Commons

Government leaders need to be careful of hubris when talking about requiring the community to shine light into dark places.

They might find someone has already claimed that function. On a well-noted occasion, it resulted in clear sight and clarity of mind for someone unintended by those who believed themselves in charge.

Those ruling held an inquiry, calling forth witnesses, including the now sighted man’s parents, who felt the weight of the inquisition and deflected the questions that were being asked – unfounded questions based on faulty suppositions, seeking scapegoats and blame.

When you throw the light into dark places, one cannot “un-see” what is seen.  Be careful when you shine the light into those shadowy corners.

The story is in John 9:1-23. It’s the Gospel set for this Sunday in all churches that follow the Revised Common Lectionary. More tomorrow.