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A leather keychain

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… hanging from your key chain can prematurely wear out your ignition.

“Partly true” says Snopes (my favourite urban legend check site) – especially for Volkswagens. Looking back over my early beetle and then Kombi days I did not necessarily find this to be so. True, I only had the beetle during my last year in seminary – an emergency stop gap when my motorbike gave out. The beetle itself ingloriously blew its engine following my graduation and ordination ceremony. Right in the middle of Camberwell Junction (Melbourne’s busiest intersection at the time) and my parents crammed in the back seat! The Kombi lasted a few years and was worked hard, including four or five return trips across the Nullarbor. One engine replacement but ignition fine all the way through. And I had a jailer’s key ring!

It was the holes in my trouser pockets that caused me to reduce the number of keys on my ring. Many have been the occasions I have had to retrieve my keys from my shoes. Although my key ring is somewhat culled these days, I have drawers full of them for which  I have long forgotten their purpose. The consolation is that everything lockable around home and office does have an associated key.

I wonder if the lost locks go to the same place as lost socks?