Heady Sunday

It was a heady day today.

My service this morning featured a combination of technology and human error that threatened to undo us – namely the wrong set of hymn lyrics on PowerPoint . A quick swapping of USB drives fixed that – then I inadvertently destroyed the world – knocking the globe from its podium and witnessing its shattering into half a dozen pieces. I have now glued it back together and it is back in its place. All else went smoothly.

This afternoon’s launch of the Project 54 Prayer initiative for the Commonwealth of Nations in preparation for CHOGM took place as part of Evensong at St George’s Cathedral. Many churches have combined for this project – representing the range of liturgical and free form traditions. It was an unusual blend of high church chorale and revival hymns combined with the pageantry of a parade of flags representing the 54 nations that will be represented at CHOGM. A homespun chat from the cathedral pulpit by well known radio personality and Baptist minister Graham Mabury added to the eclectic nature of the launch.

There was just enough time to grab a Subway then join our friends at the local Uniting Church where renowned New Testament scholar, Bill Loader, gave the first of a series of three talks on John’s Gospel. We are fortunate to have such easy access to the kind of scholarship Bill often brings to the table. We always look forward to the times that we can sit with him to explore the insights that he is able to bring.



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