Celebrating the Cornish Pasty

A Cornish pasty made by Warrens cut in half. T...
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It’s wet and windy in Perth today – good Cornish pasty weather for this bloke with some Cousin Jack in his veins. I saw a news blip that says that in the EU the name “Cornish pasty” can now only be given to pasties created in Cornwall. This made me wonder what alternative nomenclature could be given to pasties made to the same recipe beyond the boundaries of that southern part of the UK.

My current supplier (apart from when my beloved makes them) is a little café not far from here, certainly half a world away from Cornwall and 2000km from Australia’s own “Little Cornwall” where my forebears arrived in  1853. Nothing but the name “Cornish pasty” evokes the taste, texture and satisfaction of this sumptuous savoury.

One enjoys not only the eating, but the legend of the miner’s “edible lunchbox”, complete with throwaway handle. Some versions of the pasty even contained two courses – the traditional meat and veg at one end and stewed apples and custard at the other!

Now I’ve talked myself into one – can’t wait for lunch!

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