The Princess dominates the port, even peeking through the doorway of the Dome cafe!

We were called upon to share Geraldton with 2000 passengers from the Princess cruise ship today. They were ferried into town by a series of tenders and chartered coaches shuttled them backwards and forwards to various vantage points. We used subterfuge and our GPS to scuttle about between them – second guessing where to avoid the next wave of camera touting, dawdling sightseers so we could grab a quiet coffee and visit our own vantage points so that we could take photos, quietly muse and enjoy uncrowded peace. Geraldton’s media lapped up the port’s one day fame, gasping breathlessly at the multi-million dollar windfall and the promise of more to come as cruise companies increasingly look for ports closer to home. But then, we were just local, land-lubbing tourists ourselves. Funny how we get incensed at the disturbance introduced by our own kind!