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Children at a refugee camp in Chad

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There is an unsound mythology surrounding Australia-bound asylum seekers that is taking a few hits this week. Tonight SBS will screen the final episode of its three part series, Go back to where you came from. There has been much conversation around my neck of the woods as folk from all walks of life have been responding and identifying with the six “pilgrims” seeking or avoiding the truth of the well-beaten refugee path.

The media is also slowly chipping away at the so-called Malaysia solution that consigns 800 hapless arrivals to Malaysian detention in exchange for 4000 “proven refugees” for resettlement in Australia. Information continuously seeps out, such as Malaysia-bound detainees ‘denied medical care’ – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), contradicting government spin on how altruistic this arrangement is.

Online petitions are hitting social network sites and indications are that there is a surge of support for a more humane policy with regard to “irregular maritime arrivals.” Time will only tell when those in power judge it politically expedient to revert to more humane policies.

Constant dripping wears away the stone.