Pacifism: things they never taught me…

Ken is a very thorough theologian and historian in our congregation. He is also notching up a few years as an octogenarian and is carefully archiving his records for posterity. He has maintained a strong interest in pacifism throughout his life.

This morning he presented me with a tattered copy of a pamphlet, The New Testament Basis of Pacifism, by F. Oswald Barnett (Victoria, 1940) and asked if there was any way it could be electronically preserved. It was falling to pieces and many decades of sticky tape had taken its toll. “No problems” said I, and scanned it all into a PDF document.

“Now is there anyway you can get it out where people can read it?” says Ken. We first searched to see if it already had a slot in cyberspace. All we found was the Wikipedia entry for F. Oswald Barnett with a reference to his works. The pamphlet in hand was referenced but not linked. Not a deft hand at posting published documents on the web, I scratched my head and said, “I suppose I could upload it on my blog – at least if someone’s looking for it, Google will point them this way.”

So here it is. The New Testament Basis of Pacifism by F. Oswald Barnett
(Ooops – it needs rotating which you can only do, it seems, by opening in your own PDF program – unless any tech-heads can help me out! )

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