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Asylum seekers go from nothing to zero under cruel policy.

Some have already dismissed the above referenced article because it is written by a former prime minister whose approach to immigration was more draconian than now. Some folks are tired of me posting and referring to articles on this topic. “Give it a rest,” they say.

My response is “Why?” Particularly when this article is referring to asylum seekers already received. Don’t we see what we have become? Once upon a time we had community goodwill and involvement in locally based  refugee resettlement schemes that cost very little and gave firm footing for recipients to become contributing integrated members of our society.

Now we have officially sanctioned fear, prejudice and cynicism.

When did we become so mean-spirited and callous? Why do we cry over cattle but not our fellow human beings? How will we recover the community values of hospitality, generosity and a fair go for the battler that are all but a distant memory where those fleeing persecution, danger and death are concerned?

I’ll keep posting until there’s a seismic shift on current community and government values.