Saturday Shenanigans

The garage sale went off like a shotgun. Hundreds of people moved through and we sold enough to go along way to meeting our mission commitments projections. It was a warm 34º C and the ambiance, free tea/coffee, and the mouth watering sausage sizzle meant that a lot stayed around to chat and pass the time of day. Packing up after lunch sees our siesta type sluggishness transform instantly to energetic and efficient movement. Almost ballet like, trolleys, boxes, tables and chairs waltz around customers looking for the last-minute mark-down. Within the hour – all is packed away and set up for Sunday church service. Of course, the local wag gets the last say at my expense. Grabbing the “crockery” sign, he made a slight change, then stuck it to my study door. I intend to leave it there (for a while, anyway).

Published by wonderingpilgrim

Not really retired but reshaped and reshaping. Now a pilgrim at large ready to engage with what each day brings.

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