I’ve regarded myself as having kept reasonable pace with the techno revolution, but a Luddite corner of my soul has been resisting getting a tablet upon which I can read my e-books. I’ve been in love with books ever since I could read and I have walls lined with crammed bookshelves all the way to the ceiling. There is nothing like the feel of a good book, it looks inviting, it smells delicious, and the tactile adventure of turning its pages has no equal. Necessity has lately had me adding e-books to the catalogue.

This week no less than three colleagues have announced to me their conversion to tablets. And – horror of horrors – I am tugged in their direction! The appealing advantages include the increasing instantaneous availability of e-books, friendliness to the book budget, and the reduced pressure on the environment. Portability of a whole library of books at a reduced weight when travelling is also a strong selling point.

What of those of us who cling to the aesthetics of a tangible artifact? Well there are tablets that replicate the look and feel of turning a page – all that’s needed is a pheromone atomiser that releases the aroma of old paper at the push of a button.

So- to take a tablet or not? The jury is deliberating.