What Would Jesus Cut?

There will be considerable angst in Australia’s Federal Parliament today as a minority government seeks the support of the cross-benches to pass a flood tax levy. The Opposition prefers that post-flood reconstruction be funded by budget cuts, targeting a range of so-called “soft” options such as our commitment to overseas aid. Our friends across the Pacific and a little to the north are also debating budget cuts, hence the Sojourners project “What Would Jesus Cut?” Not a simple question to answer, as Jesus was never in governance, but many in government claim to to be inspired by his wisdom and guided by his principles. So “what would Jesus cut?”

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One thought on “What Would Jesus Cut?

  1. Depends on the kind of “Jesus” you subscribe to. But let’s go for slashing the defence budget (turn the other cheek, Matthew 5:39), and more taxation for higher income earners (sell your possessions Matthew 19:21)

    I’d have to agree, even though I don’t believe in ol’ JC myself.


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