More fires, more floods

Here,  in Perth, we have lost up to thirty five homes over 12 hours and the fires are still out of control.

AM – Fire devastates homes in Perth’s east 07/02/2011.

In the east, flood damage from storm and cyclone directly affecting thousands is still being assessed.

I noticed in news reports on the fires that people were being arrested for passing barricades to get to their threatened homes. I wonder if this is a manifestation of ‘disaster fatigue’ – that people are becoming blasé about personal safety because extreme natural events across the country have been part of our scene for about six weeks straight.

Anyhow, spare a thought for emergency workers – firefighters, police, rescuers – professional and volunteer – whose tasks stretch ahead to some unknown horizon at this stage.

Spare a prayer for those who have lost all but their lives and who must begin the process of reconstruction.

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