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Churches around the world who participate in the Ecumenical Prayer Cycle will focus this coming week on the North African nations of Algeria, Libya, Morocco, the Western Sahara and Tunisia.

Tunisia is very much in the news right now; rioting as the result of widespread dissent has led to the sacking of the government and a call for new elections. While the Church has very little presence or influence in this country, we reflect on the historical influence on Western Christian thought that was cradled here, the home of Tertullian and Augustine of Hippo.

Prayers for peace and stabilisation in Tunisia could well be the focus of prayers  for the coming week. A visit to the appropriate page on Ecumenical Prayer Cycle offers pithy intercession guides along with sample prayers from within the focus regions, for example, this benediction attributed to Augustine:

All shall be Amen and Alleluia.
We shall rest and we shall see.
We shall see and we shall know.
We shall know and we shall love.
We shall love and we shall praise.
Behold our end which is no end.

Participating in this prayer cycle is certainly one way to travel the world!