Japan’s All Saints

Worldle Daily is a fun online exercise that throws up an image of somewhere on planet Earth and urges six tries to locate it using its embedded Google Earth tool. Clues in the photo generally help me to a solution within the first three attempts. Yesterday I found myself in Japan’s Nagoro Scarecrow Village, whereContinue reading “Japan’s All Saints”

The Magi come to Halloween

‘Twas the day before All SaintsWhen all through the ‘burbsMonsters and goblinsSwarmed the streets and the kerbs I was wandering the mallAnd stopped in surpriseAt the atrium vision– An apparition so wise. “It’s far too early”Part of me cried out!Another part welcomed And bid me chill-out. Do the visiting wise men goWith what bumps inContinue reading “The Magi come to Halloween”

Today is All Saints Day

One of the great things about absorbing an ecumenical spirit over a lifetime is the capacity to draw from streams of Christian tradition that are other than my own. My tribe within the Christian family has a very simple, lean, and adaptable loose-on-the-ground outlook, influenced strongly by the 19th century Second Great Awakening of theContinue reading “Today is All Saints Day”