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Today Jenny and I were inducted into pastoring the same church into which we were similarly inducted 26 years ago!

A bit different this time.

In 1996 we were returning to a state from which we had been absent for 17 years. We knew the church only by reputation and were anticipating a good fit. It must have been because we stayed 22 years before retiring midway through 2018.

Now we are back for a 3-month part-time interim. We were inducted once more, answering the charge “to share that which gives people the way to live the life more abundantly.” This time we know the people, we know the ethos, we know the challenges that confront an ageing and passionately active and questing faith community.

The set Gospel passage was telling – a grieving Peter summoned from his fishing nets to take up the charge to “feed the sheep” in response to his restored relationship with the Risen Christ. I don’t see the summons out of retirement in quite the same terms (I wasn’t grieving!) but am alive to the task that is driven by an ever-questing relationship with the living Christ.

Sleeves rolled up and ready to go!

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Not really retired but reshaped and reshaping. Now a pilgrim at large ready to engage with what each day brings.

7 thoughts on “Induction

  1. Hello Dennis and Jenny

    This is good news! Is it OK to share it in In Touch?

    Being inducted again must have given you some interesting feelings. I love your last line – it says a lot.

    Best regards



  2. I’m pleased you are part of this community where you can give and receive. A gentle reminder, part-time is not all the week! I knew a young bloke once who didn’t understand the meaning of part-time. Peace and joy to you both Graham

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  3. Thanks, Graham – indeed yes – “part-time” is a challenging yet necessary construct. Life ain’t so tidy. At this end of the journey, one is wise and canny enough to ensure that whatever remaining discretionary time remains from this and other commitments is dedicated to battery recharging. And in retirement, block out large slabs of time for it! 🙂


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