a refection on the Feeding of the Multitudes in Matthew 14:13-21

Photo by Anna Guerrero on Pexels.com

The people are hungry; the people are sick
Send them away, the numbers are thick
They’ve followed you here, its all their fault
Something’s got to give, let’s call it a halt.

“Feed them yourselves, you know the way
No need to shirk and send them away
You’ve been with me now and learned a lot
Dig down deep and share what you’ve got.”

Some bread and some fish; that’s all we can spare!
“Well, sit them all down and we’ll get them to share.
There’ll be plenty to eat and none will be empty
The fear of scarcity must bow to the economy of plenty.”

So we did what he asked and all were replete
They went home full; and they felt quite complete
The “kindom” of God had shown us anew
That the resources we have will get us all through.

(c) 2020 Dennis Ryle