A meditation on the Parable of the Weeds among the Wheat

There are rotten folk among us while we are trying to do good
While we work to patch the world up, they’d prevent us if they could.
Let’s raise a holy army to rout them out with glee.
But You come and tell a story that counsels “Let it be.”

Manus, Nauru, Villawood – you’d not let us have our say?
Uluru and its Statement, surely this reflects your way?
Why should we sit and watch while injustice has its spree?
How can You sit and advise us to just let it be?

“You misunderstand the import of the way My Kindom lurks.
Yes, you labour on the land and your good deed often works.
The outcome is not yours to determine or to see.
Discernment and trust is required to let it be.”

Do not be alarmed if your labour seems in vain
Justice has a long arc that bends towards its reign
Time will bring an answer for all the world to see
The work of transformation oft includes just “Let it be!”

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

(c) 2020 Dennis Ryle