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Glory be! Yesterday our Premier announced Stage 3 – the lifting of many restrictions on daily life due to COVID-19. Today’s media is full of celebration in anticipation of life in the city and across the state becoming almost “normal.” Physical distancing will reduce; cafes and restaurants can seat more patrons; cinemas and theatres, gyms and playgrounds will open their doors again. Freedom! As long as you keep washing your hands and keeping watchful – because the virus still lurks and prowls!

Tomorrow we celebrate the feast of Pentecost – the culmination of a hundred day journey that began with the transfigured human Jesus. We then progressed through his painful journey to Jerusalem where he was executed. We wondered and reflected as he was raised as the victorious Christ, and unified with his followers. Tomorrow we celebrate the sealing with the overwhelming descent of the Spirit as a promise of presence and empowerment to all peoples.

Now that’s a Stage 3 worth celebrating!