WordPress prompts me to write about “soil.” I referred to “soil” briefly on Sunday – how the parable of the sower is sometimes called the “parable of the soils” because the added explanation focuses on the productivity of the ground on which the seed falls. This, I argue, misses the whole point of the parable – the profligacy with which the sower sows the seed. The explanation as applied by some assumes an economy of scarcity – “don’t be like the foolish sower – plant only in the soil where the seed is likely to grow.” The parable itself assumes an economy of abundance – “Sling that seed everywhere and sit back and wonder at the yield.” I’ll stick by the parable!

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One thought on “Soil

  1. I’m with you, abundance, generosity, even, to follow the parable of the prodigious – profligate, largesse – so much beter than miserly, mean, selfish, risk averse, just fling and see.


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