This Sunday – Cosmos Health Care

Wembley Downs Church of Christ

Hear Jason James share the ministry of Cosmic Health Care in remote parts of the world, including the rural districts of Zimbabwe.


sizolwethu (1)Click here to read about their partnership with Sizolwethu Mobile Health

Sunday, February 1st, 9.30 am

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2 thoughts on “This Sunday – Cosmos Health Care

  1. So good to read of the love of God going out to Africa. When will Africa arise ?
    Apparently the Gates Foundation (Bill and Melinda) says if Agriculture is intently focussed upon, and the Women of Africa uplifted then Africa will progress.
    Wonderful, but I would like to see Africa transformed from the inside out through the Gospel of Jesus Christ – and Care Gardens for food sustainability. Can you tell me if the Cosmos Health Care saints, encourage the planting of food, where they go and minister the love of God. So good to know Love reins, in spite of all the poverty.


  2. Thank you, Carol, for your interest in this project. I was in the southern rural area of Zimbabwe last September/October and noticed the attention given through the encouragement of the churches to vegetable garden development in remote areas and, critically, the supply of water through bore sinking. I understand that Cosmos Health Care and Sizolwethu while focused on accessible clinical health care, have a holistic approach to their work, and see their partnership with the churches as crucial. I will put your question to Jason however, and post his response in a followup comment. (I was also impressed with the vigour, vitality and faithfulness of the churches there.)


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