In praise of purposeful passion

Beatitude Deck
Beatitude Deck (Photo credit: upyernoz)

Time to consider another Beatitude from the syntax of Jesus’own native language:

Happy are they whose passion radiates with deep abiding purpose,
they shall envision the furthest extent of life’s wealth.

(Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God)

Again, a translation of this Beatitude from the Aramaic text calls forth fresh vision.

Many of my ilk equate purity of heart with Puritanism – the less said the better – especially with our Down Under larrikin ethos.
The “pure in heart” terminology gets little airing because of the layers of acquired negative cultural accretion.

But “passion radiating with deep abiding purpose?” That’s different. Yet it is the same.

We might call it single-mindedness, yet it transcends mind – even soul and heart – and embraces the interests of all. It is not a single mindedness born of stubbornness, but of having considered all matters from every conceivable perspective. Empathy and compassion are involved.  It is in sync with the preceding beatitudes.

This is a state that eclipses our cultural peculiarities.


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