Trumping the early bird

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I must have inherited it from my father – this need to be excruciatingly punctual. He would always turn up for appointments an hour ahead of time. Hence my alarm sounding at 3 am this morning for a 6.40am flight. Even my taxi driver was surprised I was going to the airport so early. But I had all these questions. What if I have to double back for something I’ve forgotten? What if the flight details change? What if there’s a traffic snarl (at 4.00am yet!).  Anyhow, here I am in the airport terminal with an hour to kill. Like father, like son!

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6 thoughts on “Trumping the early bird

    1. Comfortable and swift, thank you Kate,as was the return sardine special today (always choose an aisle seat). No internet over the last week, so looking forward to some readin’ and writin’.


  1. Sorry to have been away from your blog for so many weeks. I’ve been under the weather and only today am I beginning to feel “normal” (whatever that is!) again.

    I hope your trip went well. Like you, I’m always early for everything. Mom used to say that we show our respect for others by being on time. And when we got someplace early and waited for a friend at a restaurant or wherever, we showed our eagerness to be with them.

    Now the plane probably didn’t feel much emotion when you got there early, but you certainly felt more confident that all would be well. And that’s important.



  2. Glad you’re feeling better, Dee. I did a bit of family history while I was away and found that the punctuality genes were prolific on both sides of the family, so what hope had I? And I wasn’t cured for the return trip today, I was too early to check the baggage in!


  3. IN PERTH????? OK, Melbourne or Syndey I could ALMOST understand, but Perth?

    I am also pedantically punctual – but not obsessively early! 😆

    Glad you made your flight!


  4. Especially Perth! Small airport – many planes because of the boom and proliferation of FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) workers. Can be unbearably crowded at times – especially early morning. Anyhow, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 🙂


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