1 is too many

Australia’s asylum seeker detention culture is very much under scrutiny.

The High Court deliberates whether it is in the government power to alleviate pressure on the system through a ‘people-swapping deal’ with Malaysia.The outcome of the case will also have an impact on some backup strategies for warehousing refugees in other off-shore centres.

And in a few days we will observe Refugee Sunday. Most of the rest of the world observed it on June 2oth, but for some reason it runs a little late here. But it is not untimely.

Here’s a reflective contribution from the Disciples of Christ 

Congregations that have resettled refugees in the past are encouraged to celebrate that ministry and the accomplishments of the refugees they have resettled. Congregations are also encouraged to reflect on all the thousands of refugees stuck in refugee camps around the world who are awaiting an opportunity for resettlement and a chance to begin their lives again.

The 2011 theme for World Refugee Day is “1 is too many.”

1 family forced to flee is too many;
1 refugee without hope is too many;
1 refugee returned to danger is too many;
1 refugee longing for home is too many;

1 child without a nationality is too many;
1 family without shelter is too many;
1 refugee denied a safe haven is too many;
1 child growing up in a camp is too many;

1 family torn apart by war is too many;
1 girl raped at gunpoint is too many;
1 refugee child behind bars is too many;
1 refugee without schooling is too many.

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