Learning how to find bush tucker

Foraging for bush tucker

Our trip took us to the Aboriginal community at Looma (on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert), a mission enterprise in Derby and the indigenous communities of Lombadina, Ngamakoon and One Arm Point on the Dampier Peninsula. There we made our base at Kooljaman, a camping ground and resort owned and managed jointly by Lombadina and One Arm Point. We talked with missionaries, educators, locals and traditional land keepers. We also talked amongst ourselves, reflecting on what we were learning. It was easy to be diverted by the spectacular features of the country we were in ( I’ll put selected photos on Flickr later today). But we anticipate sharing some stories and reflections from our pilgrimage in the morning service at Wembley Downs Church of Christ on Sunday, September 6th.

Picturs now uploaded, not on Flickr, but here.

And you can read a comprehensive journal of the trip at Scott Vawser’s blog (click here)