2009 06 03_0563

Once again some theologs and I met at King’s Park to explore a question that arises from a Celtic perspective of Christian spirituality – “Is King’s Park a Thin Place?”

The escarpment’s close proximity to the CBD of Perth combined with the beauty of it’s bushland setting create a popular tourist spot. It is a place where beauty natural and man-made meet. This can inspire or distract, the noise and sight of the freeway interchange below and the detail of the city skyline is sometimes jarring. In Aboriginal dreaming, where high ground meets water, it is a place of significant sacredness , something that the peregrinato, the early Celtic Christian monks would have quickly discerned and honoured because of a highly developed attentiveness to creation spirituality.

It is often a long journey from the myopia of  our city-bound functional mindset to the inner quietness that awakens our awareness of the immediacy of the presence of the Creator around us. Places like King’s Park, plonked in the midst of our busyness, serve us well in pointing to that reality.