Local shops destroyed by fire

Our local shops have been very handy to us – just across the road from where we live. More than that, however, they were the hub of the Wembley Downs community. As I write, the street is full of emergency vehicles while the ashes are hosed down. The crowds have dwindled now and the heartbreaking work of starting again lies ahead. These are tough times already, but the Wembley Downs community is resilient. The story of the fire is here.

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4 thoughts on “Local shops destroyed by fire

  1. Being personally involved (as the son of one of the shop tenants) I was very grateful for the community spirit which was shown today. Though the hearts of the tenants have been shattered, the support given by the Wembley Downs community will give us all strength and as stated above the “resilience” to bring back the focal point of the community.


  2. I was saddened when I heard this news. Those shops were a focal point of many of my memories, and it’s sad to see them gone. I look forward to their return, but it won’t quite be the same.


  3. Sadly, our community is now dispersing to shop elsewhere. Our church is offering assistance to those who have depended on shops being at a walking distance. If you know of anyone that needs this kind of help, give the church a call on 9245 2593. We hope in this and many other ways something of the community feel of the Downs can be maintained until it rebuilds.


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