This is an unusual movie to reflect on – half action/drama and half documentary. Critics looking at the Hollywood Indiana Jones style action slam the movie for its slow pace and length. Those looking for documentation of the dehumanising illicit diamond trade in post colonial Africa lament the simplification and trivialisation of a complex humanitarian issue. As a fan of both genres, I still found myself gripped by the narrative and the reality to which it was drawing attention. The characters were fully rounded and the setting was enough to draw attention and focus to the challenges of contemporary Africa. The illicit diamond trade has been around for quite some time, aided and abetted by the affluent west. Reportedly, the profile of this movie has provoked some soul-searching amongst Hollywood’s elite and a self-scrutiny of their penchant for diamonds. If this is true, there are two indicators of hope – yes, Hollywood does have a soul – and yes, it’s avatars are well-placed to influence change amongst consumers.