The University of WA Book Sale is on its second to last day and I managed to get there. Had to park a good kilometer away and I had nothing to carry books with so assigned myself the task of buying no more books than I could carry under my arm 1km on a warmish day. Ton’s of books to browse through – but I was stretched to find some I could use. The theology section was full of titles I already had or that I had already jettisoned. Ended up with some general Aussie folk-lore stuff – I usually enjoy grazing on such. How’s this for taciturn?

Two swagmen who had been mates for a long time were tramping out west in the wheat country. There were good young crops on either side of them. Harry took his pipe from his mouth and pointed to one of the paddocks.
“Nice crop of wheat,” he grunted.
Five hours later, when they were seated by their campfire, Bill broke the silence.
“Wasn’t wheat. ‘Twas oats.”
Then he rolled out his blanket and went to sleep. The sun was well up next morning. Harry and his swag were gone. Bill found a roughly scribbled note under a stone at the foot of the nearest tree.
“Too much b—– argyment in this here camp,” it said.