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This has always been a challenge – finding the words to say what my mind is churning over at a very rapid rate! This is when it’s so easy to lapse into jargon. And the reason I’m thinking about this is because of another strange conjunction of several episodes today – another instance of synchronicity (see earlier post!) I completed a unit on “communication” with the 10-11 year olds down at the local school this morning. It had a lot to do with clarity in sending a message and attentiveness in receiving it, examining the techniques used by Jesus in his teaching. Then came Harry Hayward’s letter in today’s issue of The Australian Christian lamenting the lack of clarity in new church buzzwords such as “missional” and “incarnational.” Soon after, passing a book store, I noticed a special deal on Don Watson’s book against “weasel words” and packaged with a “Weasel Words” 2006 diary! Most of Don Watson’s objection is to fashionable managerial language – much of which has even found its way into church administration. I have a few retired teachers in my congregation who pull me up when I use words that are beyond the call of duty, and I think I am grateful to them. After all, if no-one knows what I’m talking about, why bother to talk?