Strange Critters from the North

As if our strange great southern landWas scarce of critters that are in no way blandWith roos and echidnas and platypi galoreWallabies and quokkas sniffing at the door It seems that December is a time to importAdditional life forms of a festive sort. “Elf on a shelf” has been around for a whileGrowing in number,Continue reading “Strange Critters from the North”

Thinking Inside The Box!

The second attempt at today’s Worldle took me to La Tête Carrée Library, Nice, France. It has four stories of offices and three stories of library shelves. The lion had no courageThe tinman had no heartThe scarecrow had no thinking headBut dreamed of being smart If only the road of yellow bricksPassed through the cityContinue reading “Thinking Inside The Box!”

Japan’s All Saints

Worldle Daily is a fun online exercise that throws up an image of somewhere on planet Earth and urges six tries to locate it using its embedded Google Earth tool. Clues in the photo generally help me to a solution within the first three attempts. Yesterday I found myself in Japan’s Nagoro Scarecrow Village, whereContinue reading “Japan’s All Saints”