The Magi come to Halloween

‘Twas the day before All SaintsWhen all through the ‘burbsMonsters and goblinsSwarmed the streets and the kerbs I was wandering the mallAnd stopped in surpriseAt the atrium vision– An apparition so wise. “It’s far too early”Part of me cried out!Another part welcomed And bid me chill-out. Do the visiting wise men goWith what bumps inContinue reading “The Magi come to Halloween”

Why Do They Persist!

Prompted by the Parable of the Unjust Judge (Luke 18:1-8) Why do they persistWhen those in power resist?Don’t they ever tire?Won’t anything douse their fire? Three years now they have kept up their cryThese seniors who wont let justice slip byHomes and savings have gone down the drainA preventable scandal that has caused swathes ofContinue reading “Why Do They Persist!”


Nuclear sabres rattlingPoliticians prattling Whistleblowers tattlingSurely the Apocalypse is nigh! Economy disarrayingEnergy dismayingClimate change displayingSurely the Apocalypse is nigh! Plague the world surroundingFear in all compoundingRage and ire resoundingSurely the Apocalypse is nigh! Fly by nighters cheatingScammers repeatingTheir benefactors treatingSurely the Apocalypse is nigh! The four horsemen out aridingBut One is ever abidingAlpha with usContinue reading “Apocalypse!”

All that Glitters …

“No more glitter on the shelves,”So decree those Christmas elves,“Micro-plastics bring sad disgraceand festive cheer must make new space.” Hear the protests loud and strongCancelling Christmas? – Oh how wrong!“Fear not!” the Christmas angels sing,“Bethl’em’s manger wore no bling!”