A sermon from within

Church of Christ Wembley Downs 19th June 2022 Today we have two stories to mull over. We are in the Season of the Spirit so we might expect our texts to say something about that. One is from the Hebrew tradition, speaking of the incident in the life of Elijah that transformed his perception ofContinue reading “A sermon from within”

A Trinity Sunday Reflection

A man in the heaving crowd on a railway station in India noticed me, the lone Caucasian on the platform. He called out to me earnestly seeking engagement. “One!” he shouted. I looked at him quizzically. He and his young son intently returned my gaze.“One!” he asserted, pointing skywards.I returned the gesture, pointing upwards.“Yes, One!”Continue reading “A Trinity Sunday Reflection”

Reverse of Babel?

They say offended deityconfounded those who reached so highScrambling their common tongueand scattering them far and nigh.And now a myriad tongues and waysBlight human communicationAnd deity quietly kept the days ’til Pentecost’s liberation. But what if grace was behind the sceneRight from the very beginning.Spirit’s plan for fecund varietyConfounded by such sinning.Spirit had her wayContinue reading “Reverse of Babel?”