Lectionary Haiku 31 March 2022

When one has been through the storm and come out the other side, one might sing a Psalm of reorientation. Such are today’s texts. Psalm 126 Restore us O GodAs we lick our fest’ring woundsreceiving your balm. **************************** Isaiah 43:1-7 Pass through the watersWalk through the hot fires unscorchedFor I am with you. ************************** PhilippiansContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 31 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 30 March 2022

When the foolish turn to God’s ways they discover an economy of abundance for the sake of Shalom, fulfilment for all (not the pale aberration of today’s prosperity doctrines). Psalm 53 Gladness enters inAnd blessing is well restoredWhen God is welcomed. ***************************** 2 Kings 4:1-7 The good oil is pouredBlessing that never runs outFeeds widowContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 30 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 29 March 2022

No wonder the Psalmist mocks the fools who say there is no God. God’s economy requires Jubilee balance which does not make unbridled profit a priority. It is measured not by hierarchy, but by mutual service epitomised in Revelation’s heavenly vision. Psalm 53 When all’s said and done It’s easier to deny God than toContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 29 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 28 March 2022

The Psalm is almost, but not quite imprecatory, perhaps because it is a choir piece intended for worship and it’s hard to curse and worship simultaneously! Leviticus lays out the ground rules for some festivals. Revelation affords us a peek into heaven. Psalm 53 Divine head must shakeAs foolish men run hitherWhisp’ring their nonsense *********************************Continue reading “Lectionary Haiku 28 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 27 March 2022

Third Sunday in Lent Against all our striving, it is possible to live from a place of renewal. This theme runs through all of today’s texts, culminating in the Bible’s favourite story – the restoration of the Prodigal Son. Joshua 5:9-12 Gilgal they called itCaptive shame is rolled awayA new phase begins! ********************************* Psalm 32Continue reading “Lectionary Haiku 27 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 26 March 2022

Recovery from lostness through remorse, distraction or dumb chance runs through today’s texts. There is always a finder! Psalm 32 Lost in my remorseI know where I might be foundI turn to my God ********************* Exodus 32:7-14 My precious gold calfDistracts from holy callingYet his love persists ********************* Luke 15:1-10 Dumb passive lostnessEvokes much lovingContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 26 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 25 March 2022

The drive for reconciliation appears in both today’s Psalm and Paul’s appeal to the Christians in Corinth. Joshua points to the cairns of the Jordan crossing as occasions for retelling the story to coming generations. Psalm 32 I come to myselfWhen I cease to hide my waysAnd am known by You. *************************** Joshua 4:14-24 PileContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 25 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 24 March 2022

The joy of a restored and previously strained relationship is the Psalm that sets the tone for today. A solemn rite underlines Israel’s taking possession of a sacred promise while the Apostle Paul speaks of the “weight of glory” that awaits the faithful. Psalm 32 I declare myselfTo come clean is to be cleansedRestored toContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 24 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 23 March 2022

Today’s texts reflect on hidden purposes. The Psalmist yields to divine purpose. What seems, to contemporary sensitivities, preparation for a divinely sanctioned land grab has long-range hidden purpose. Jesus’ parables speak of the hiddenness of the Kingdom of God. Psalm 39 Your knowledge of meIs hidden even from meHow can I not trust? **************************** NumbersContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 23 March 2022”

Lectionary Haiku 22 March 2022

The Hebrew perspective on “law” refers to “right teaching” rather than modern jurisprudence. Understanding this gives greater access to today’s readings Psalm 39 My tongue is silentUntil it knows worthy thoughtsThen my heart speaks ********************************** Ezekiel 17:1-10 Eagles and vineyardsPerplexing riddles confoundThe heart understands ********************************* Romans 2:12-16 Be careful judging –Bearer of divine wisdomMay theContinue reading “Lectionary Haiku 22 March 2022”