Stage 3 – Worth Celebrating?

Glory be! Yesterday our Premier announced Stage 3 – the lifting of many restrictions on daily life due to COVID-19. Today’s media is full of celebration in anticipation of life in the city and across the state becoming almost “normal.” Physical distancing will reduce; cafes and restaurants can seat more patrons; cinemas and theatres, gymsContinue reading “Stage 3 – Worth Celebrating?”

The Dread of Mileposts

Looks like I drafted this 11 months ago but never posted it! It’s strangely prescient. Soon after I wrote these words we were plunged into a collective housing and financial security crisis as victims of fraud and regulatory negligence.  With fellow survivors, we are campaigning towards the conclusion of a heroic journey marked by drama,Continue reading “The Dread of Mileposts”

Shepherding in COVID Times

This week’s challenge was to respond to an invitation from Wembley Downs Uniting Church to prepare and present an online service for the fourth Sunday of Easter, typically Good Shepherd Sunday. So wrestling with PowerPoint and video-clips, plus sitting in rabbinic style while preaching into my computer, the final result can be seen by clickingContinue reading “Shepherding in COVID Times”