Over the weekend it became apparent that the national conversation, unimaginably, has become more and more polarised. Many of a conservative bent, it seems, have been deemed not conservative enough and been pushed aside. Similar rhetoric has taken place on those on the progressive side of the coin. God help those who are conservative inContinue reading

In post election Australia, eyes will be on the diligence of the successful party in keeping the promises they have made. The unsuccessful party will be under similar scrutiny. How disposable are the radical policies not bought by the public in maintaining the vision of an alternative way of governing our national affairs? How feasibleContinue reading

Today is “democracy” day in Australia, the official polling day that comes around every three years or so. I dutifully set out for the 2 km walk (and a scaled fence!) to the nearest polling booth (generally closer but our suburb is still being established.) It was a marvellous opportunity to reflect on our process,Continue reading