Please, come home, son! (But which one is he begging?)

He had already run down the road to greet the returning wasteful prodigal. He had already thrown the best robe around his shoulders and was now feting him with a roast calf on the spit and having all his old friends around. His youngest was home, bewildered, hosed and feted, hardly believing the turn ofContinue reading “Please, come home, son! (But which one is he begging?)”

There is still time…here’s a fig!

It has been a distressing weekend. The sheer man-made horror of the Christchurch massacre and the posturing of politicians on our side of the ditch has occupied much of our attention. Like those present to eerily similar events in next Sunday’s gospel text, we turn to our faith (and some of us, our non-faith) stances to askContinue reading “There is still time…here’s a fig!”

What glitters in those ashes?

I heard of a priest who will mix glitter with the ashes he will place on children’s foreheads tomorrow. As we present ourselves for daubing on Ash Wednesday, the traditional launch of the 40 day period of fasting and self-reflection leading to Holy Week and Easter, we may well ask, “What glitters in those ashes?”Continue reading “What glitters in those ashes?”