Hang on to your crowns!

Next Sunday we will be on the Mountain of Transfiguration with three of Jesus’ lieutenants, Peter, James and John, watching agog as a larger than life dazzling Jesus converses with the long-dead patriarchs, Moses and Elijah. This event traditionally marks the shift from the season of Epiphany to the season of Lent. Traditionally, the ChristianContinue reading “Hang on to your crowns!”

Yield to the Energy of Epiphany!

We are used to seeing Jesus’ utterances in the Sermon on the Mount, or in next Sunday’s Luke version, the Sermon on the Plain, as moral maxims to which to aspire. As day to day challenges catch us on the hop, we default to passive-aggressive pushback against those who cross us and we conclude thatContinue reading “Yield to the Energy of Epiphany!”

Doctors’ medivacs for offshore detainees. Blessing or curse?

For those who have lobbied long – a blessing on the long and steep slope as our country claws back some semblance of humanitarian treatment of those who come seeking help. For those who stand fast on border security and deterrence – a curse that weakens a tough stance that is mandated to sacrifice theContinue reading “Doctors’ medivacs for offshore detainees. Blessing or curse?”

Fishing Incident Attracts Light, Power, And A Summons

It can sneak up on you in an instant. The extraordinary, epiphanous moment can invade your most ordinary activities, your most mundane routines. You may be at the end of a day’s tiresome chores, just wrapping things up and going through the tedious checklist to make sure that things are put away “just right.” AllContinue reading “Fishing Incident Attracts Light, Power, And A Summons”