Prophet Mary

Mary’s Magnificat, the song sung on the meeting of two expectant mothers, Elizabeth pregnant with John and Mary with Jesus – stands as one of the most powerfully prophetic utterances recorded in Christian sacred text. Mary is this Sunday’s Advent messenger, bringing us to the threshold of the event that meets all the yearning expressedContinue reading “Prophet Mary”

A further chat with my Advent Messenger

Diarmuid O’Murchu invites me to pause and give attention to my feelings and responses to his orientation on what The Spirit of God may be inviting us to this Advent. I’m happy to do just that! I respond to his dot points in italics. Opting for holistic rather than reductionist analysis. I’ve always been a big pictureContinue reading “A further chat with my Advent Messenger”

Who’s my Advent messenger?

I am sitting in the many layered histories of Kings Park – acutely aware of millennia of cyclical indigenous story, colonial appropriation with a desire to preserve a 200 year old outlook, and contemporary efforts to conserve an enormous biodiversity of flora unique to this region. I have just read the opening chapters of DiarmuidContinue reading “Who’s my Advent messenger?”

Into Advent 2 – there be Messengers

Peace does not come peacefully. Advent is full of heralds who shout loudly to waken us and point us to a cacophony of events that are reshaping the order of human affairs. Fasten your seat-belts and don your crash helmets as we enter the readings for December 9!  Malachi 3:1-4Today is the day of messengers.Continue reading “Into Advent 2 – there be Messengers”