Reorientation of trust

Again, a common theme runs through the selected texts for next Sunday, October 28th. Job 42:1-6, 10-17 Sad and sorry Job, accommodating God’s ineffability, reorients his trust in God. God rebukes Job’s “oh so right” would-be comforters and feeds them humble pie. The closing elysian scene sees Job’s good fortunes and family richly restored. SoContinue reading “Reorientation of trust”

Who’s running this show?

Next Sunday’s texts seem to focus on answering this question that often arises when we are frustrated. Things are out of control – who’s running this show? I’m in charge here and am being ignored and need to assert my authority – who’s running this show? We are confused, depleted, burned out, and have nowhereContinue reading “Who’s running this show?”

Next Sunday’s Texts – Embracing Pain

October 7th is also World Communion Sunday. How do these texts relate? Job 1:1; 2:1-10  Here is the counterpoint to any popular “prosperity” gospel. Bad things do happen to good people. Here we see the beginning of a morality tale. Let’s not get side-tracked in the detail of ancient storytelling devices (did God really allowContinue reading “Next Sunday’s Texts – Embracing Pain”