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News programs highlight that yesterday, the first Monday after New Year’s Day, is the day that typically peaks for relationship breakdown and in particular marriage separation and demands for divorce.

Today is the first day that same-sex couples are able to legally tie the knot under Australian law.

Synchronistically, today’s set text is from the Hebrew prophet Hosea, whose love for his estranged wife, Gomer, becomes a model describing God’s yearning for God’s people. Writing for “With Love to the World,” the Rev’d Keith Rowe claims Hosea’s insights are valued

because they provide a language for later believers wanting to think and speak about human fragility and divine compassion.

Whether it’s in the fraught area of vulnerable human relationships or wider public policy, we need to learn how to speak more of this language. Within our own household circles is a good place to start.  Many will find social media to be a good place for practice. Who knows where the ripples going out may reach?

Life and marriages will still be messy, but more caring and compassionate. Ask Hosea!