Action Man Jesus?

One can feel quite exhausted following a reading of the Gospel of Mark’s account of a day in the life of Jesus – today’s text Mark1: 29-39. There is a lot packed into the day so described. It is typical of Mark’s story-telling style – rapid, clipped, urgent, sparing of detail. It gives a pictureContinue reading “Action Man Jesus?”

We think we’re in charge…

Sure we have agency for good or ill, wise or foolish. Some will think it a great idea for the Australian government to invest heavily in the military industrial complex and become one of the world’s major exporters of military equipment. As a strategy for long-term economic growth and employment, it is a winner! For thoseContinue reading “We think we’re in charge…”

Not much to inspire here!

I open the sacred text in anticipation of inspiring insight. Today the set passage is Job 7:1-7. It lands us right in the midst of Job’s despair and he is giving full vent. He has lost everything – home, wealth, health. He has every right to his pity party and who could grudge him that. SoContinue reading “Not much to inspire here!”

Is dispossession biblically sanctioned?

The conqueror will always say “Yes!” and, for support, misappropriate passages like the one set for today (Deuteronomy 18:9-14). There is a big difference, however, between the cultural and historical context of nation-forging from a horde of liberated Hebrew slaves preserving their fragile identity and colonial expansionism. It is ironic that such a text emergesContinue reading “Is dispossession biblically sanctioned?”

Australia’s new six classes

Aussies have long said, “Jack is as good as his master” – we are the land where equal status is championed and where we eschew the class consciousness that separated the lower convict class and their gentrified overseers at the outset of European settlement. Sociologist Jill Sheppard, in a recent report, suggests there are six identifiableContinue reading “Australia’s new six classes”

Presenting one’s credentials …

First impressions are paramount, our life coaches tell us. Suit up, look confident and practice that opening line if you want to succeed in love, finance and influence. What if your goal is to begin a process that transforms the world from one beholden to despotic violence to one that exhibits the wholesome fullness ofContinue reading “Presenting one’s credentials …”

In things non-essential, liberty… a caveat!

“In things essential, unity; in things non-essential, liberty; in all things, charity.” This eirenic phrase is attributed to St Augustine and has been taken up by various reformers, including the Moravians and the space within the spectrum of the Christian family to which I belong. There’s a rub, however, when it comes down to deciding whatContinue reading “In things non-essential, liberty… a caveat!”

One man’s meat …

There’s an app I’ve discovered on my phone that can break down the nutritional value of my daily meals. It seems like I have a healthy balance in the meat department. My vegetarian and vegan friends might be appalled at such a notion, however, and point to many other sources of protein. We remain friends.Continue reading “One man’s meat …”

Chilling out as agents of change…

How does one address ill-fitting and unjust systems in family, church and community while maintaining a calm disposition? Isn’t there a necessity for the passion of a prophet, the zest of a zealot, the tenacity of a teacher, the resilience of a reformer to effect change? When the Apostle Paul counsels the household slaves in theContinue reading “Chilling out as agents of change…”

Immediately – right now, if not sooner!

I’m a born procrastinator. I need time to think things through. “Immediately” is not a word that appears often in my working vocabulary. It occurs twice and insistently in the text from today’s reading in Mark’s gospel.  Four men instantly drop their work to go around with one who has just taken up the baton of hisContinue reading “Immediately – right now, if not sooner!”