A meditation for Easter Saturday

Originally posted on Wondering Preacher:
Each year about 40 members of Prestbury Methodist Church each write a meditation or two for our Lenten Diary on a given theme. This year, each day focused a single word. This was my contribution for Easter Saturday. The word was ‘Tomb’. My Easter Sunday contribution will be published tomorrow. Reading: John 19:38-42 After this, Joseph,…

Holy Week Action

The story of Holy Week sometimes begins with Jesus “cleansing the Temple” – turning over money trading tables and driving out sacrificial animals being sold under extortion. An arresting offence, no doubt, and certainly would have been a factor in his eventual capture and trial a few days later. In Perth we see Holy WeekContinue reading “Holy Week Action”

Divergent at Easter

Matthew 27:11-31 is loaded with drama. Jesus stands silently before Pontius Pilate – both men are under judgement. Where will the gavel fall in favor – maintenance of the status quo, control and order; or the brazen, divergent reign of the Prince of Peace, a reign that is not of the current scheme of things? DivergentContinue reading “Divergent at Easter”

Replacing Cornerstones – a subversive action!

The music of  Psalm 118 celebrates turned tables – two well known phrases “The steadfast love of the Lord endures forever” and “The stone that the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone,” appear here. This alludes to something of the subversive nature of lived out faith.  “Subversion refers to an attempt to transform the established social order andContinue reading “Replacing Cornerstones – a subversive action!”

What drives Palm Sunday Peace Parades?

On Sunday, many thousands will march for peace. In Perth, leaving from St George’s Cathedral at 1 pm, those gathered will join others around the country in marching for justice for refugees. Inspiration for Palm Sunday Marches has a long tradition of drawing on the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the eve ofContinue reading “What drives Palm Sunday Peace Parades?”

Love finds a way…

Hyperbole and one-up-man-ship often mark the national discourse where controversy is concerned. In the midst of the sloganeering and major political parties competing to see who can offer the greatest deterrent to “stop the boats,” are men, women and children detained in off-shore prisons awaiting their indefinite and uncertain fates. On the reception of asylumContinue reading “Love finds a way…”

The one who marches out of step…

… may be the only one who is in step! Isaiah 50:4-9a is one of the so-called Suffering Servant songs. Appropriated by the Early Church to describe the Passion of Jesus, it initially describes the despair and desolation of the people of Israel as they are led off in chains into Babylonian exile.  Suffering the indignityContinue reading “The one who marches out of step…”