What dry bones hide…

As our Lenten journey draws closer to climax, we find the path winding through Ezekiel’s valley of dry bones. We don’t have to look far around us to see our own dry bones… empty promises, bored transactions, indifferent encounters, and defeated dreams. We are called to Ezekiel’s vision that ”even these dry bones can live”.Continue reading “What dry bones hide…”

Shining light into dark places

  Government leaders need to be careful of hubris when talking about requiring the community to shine light into dark places. They might find someone has already claimed that function. On a well-noted occasion, it resulted in clear sight and clarity of mind for someone unintended by those who believed themselves in charge. Those ruling held anContinue reading “Shining light into dark places”

Mutual Submission

  Ephesians 5:21-32 is one of the most manipulated texts for those misguided enough to champion male domination in marriage. Many camels swallowed here while straining at gnats. The kernel of Paul’s argument is mutual submission to one another out of respect for the Way of Christ. No room for misogyny and domestic oneupmanship here. TheContinue reading “Mutual Submission”

Light’s offspring

The national discourse does not currently inspire much hope. Hope is to be found in the values espoused by such passages as Ephesians 5:1-14, today’s Lenten text. If one is patient enough to sift the ancient language and thought forms, one discovers some evocative phrases. For example, the exhortations to live as “a fragrant offering”Continue reading “Light’s offspring”

Improving Hansard…

Behold a life coach’s pep talk: Ephesians 4:17-32 While our contemporary politicians fight to enhance the right to insult and offend, the writer to the Ephesians appeals to those practices and behaviours that enhance our life together. If there’s a handle to grab, in this wall of text, you can do no worse with thisContinue reading “Improving Hansard…”

Seeing differently…

What happens when a popular and influential leader loses his/her way? The MSM (MainStream Media) and alternative sources are forever keen to assist our views – either manipulatively or informatively! Powerbrokers know when to make their move, no less the prophet/king-maker Samuel. King Saul was on the nose, and secret arrangements for his succession became necessary. ItContinue reading “Seeing differently…”

Attitude of Gratitude

Today’s Psalm 95 begins on a high note but descends into minor chords of melancholy. How odd! Songs of praise are traditionally upbeat, giving expression to high emotions associated with relief and exuberance, assured of the benevolence of a Creator who has offered provision and protection even in tough times. The composer of this PsalmContinue reading “Attitude of Gratitude”

Prayers & Smoking Ceremonies

St Photine, as the ancient church has named her, continues to guide this part of our Lenten journey. Yesterday I was invited to conduct a house blessing on a women’s and children’s shelter. It was a multicultural context and included a smoking ceremony conducted by a Noongar elder (a smoking ceremony involves using the smokeContinue reading “Prayers & Smoking Ceremonies”

Well, well, well…

The nameless woman at Jacob’s Well is our Lenten guide today. Read her story at John 4:5-30 One spectrum of Christian tradition dwells on the early part of the conversation – Jesus offering “living water” to one parched by errant ways. Another spectrum of the tradition celebrates the outcome – this woman becomes the firstContinue reading “Well, well, well…”

Lent partners International Happiness Day???

Having dipped my lid to International Happiness Day and listened to the top ten pop “happy”songs, I now turn my attention to the phase of the Lenten journey that draws alongside. Today’s sacred text is Romans 5:6-11 – often interpreted as the necessity of the sacrifice of Jesus as appeasement to an angry god toContinue reading “Lent partners International Happiness Day???”