A tale of two Armstrongs

The name Armstrong has been abroad this weekend – a name common to two unrelated men – one a hero and the other … well, the jury would still be out if one had been called. The hero, the now late Neil Armstrong, needs no introduction as the first human to set foot on anContinue reading “A tale of two Armstrongs”

The Sapphires – a response

Cummeragunja Mission has an esteemed place in Australian Churches of Christ history. It was the place of birth and nurture of Sir Pastor Doug Nicholls, an eminent Aboriginal reformer and church leader and, eventually, State Governor of South Australia. Cummeragunja was also a byword for the dire conditions which led to the walkout and strike that wasContinue reading “The Sapphires – a response”

How to Recover from the ‘Flu…

… when you get to convalescing, that is, after the fever breaks. Order some nice Perth winter sunshine (about 18ºC) following a rainshower that leaves everything fresh. Find a (dry) wind-sheltered possy over looking the Indian Ocean. Buy a nice hot chocolate from the beach kiosk that just happens to be open for your convenience.Continue reading “How to Recover from the ‘Flu…”