Travelling the Ancient Mediterranean

Ever wanted to travel the ancient Roman roads, working out the cheapest or swiftest journey by foot, donkey or trireme?  What’s the most efficient route from Eleutheropolis to Olisipo? Which time of the year favors a sail across the briny? Look no further than ORBIS. You can travel back in time and set up your ownContinue reading “Travelling the Ancient Mediterranean”

Refugees in the dark over security checks – Eureka Street

This article touches on a huge source of anxiety among refugees on bridging visas and living in communities such as ours. A High Court challenge is a flickering sign of hope that our Kafka-like systems will find an inch of redress. The toxic political polarisation that soaks our our waking moments, however, will take something more. RefugeesContinue reading “Refugees in the dark over security checks – Eureka Street”

Why keep saying sorry?

Sorry Day commemorations in Wellington Square, Perth, were significant but low key this morning. The usual annual crowd of 3000, comprising school children and business folk, is not as accessible on a chilly Saturday morning. Even so, about 100 folk gathered at the Sorry Pole listened to speeches from Sorry Day leaders, Noongar Elder BenContinue reading “Why keep saying sorry?”

People smuggler or the Schindler of Asia? – The Drum Opinion

People smuggler or the Schindler of Asia? – The Drum Opinion – Ali Al Jenabi was a people smuggler. Resourceful and compassionate, he took his responsibilities to others seriously. This has cost him dearly. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). I find this article and the accompanying comments moving and disturbing on so many levels. Lamentation, sackcloth andContinue reading “People smuggler or the Schindler of Asia? – The Drum Opinion”