The Lobby & The Tent Embassy

I visited the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra in 1982 – its presence was about ten years old then, and it was generating considerable angst in the orderly scene that is public service Canberra. My errand was to return an address/appointment book I had picked up in the street. It  belonged to one of theContinue reading “The Lobby & The Tent Embassy”

Another reflection on Australia Day

Some thoughtful words for the sake of those who go a little overboard on claiming Australia’s Christian pedigree: The Great South Land – Synchroblog | Christians have a role to play in what is essentially a secular nation – but it’s one based on service rather than some notion of a divine right toContinue reading “Another reflection on Australia Day”

The Descendants – A Movie Review

A new story line seems to have caught Hollywood’s imagination … helpless, bereft dads reconnecting with their kids! Get a big box office attraction like Matt Damon or George Clooney, throw him in the deep end and see how he swims. It seems we enjoy bumbling dads, emotionally bereft of their partners, launching a way-outContinue reading “The Descendants – A Movie Review”

Fireworks, eskies and reconciliation…

Our national day celebrations often generate discussion within our small congregation. Yesterday’s take on Jonah the Bogan was one attempt to address the tensions between celebrating national pride and accountability to something wider, bigger and deeper. One of our Elders, Steve Mellor, has granted permission to reprint his article from this week’s church newsletter: OnContinue reading “Fireworks, eskies and reconciliation…”

Once upon a time in multicultural Australia – Eureka Street

As our much feted and controversial national day approaches, it is good to read thoughtful, reflective pieces on our collective and individual struggles with national identity.As usual, Australia’s more recent arrivals have much to teach us. Identity is discovered through involvement.: Once upon a time in multicultural Australia – Eureka Street.

Online Causes – how effective are they?

I have often wondered how effective email campaigns and petitions for worthy causes are. As a card carrying member of several, it is not unusual for me to receive half a dozen pleas on any particular day urging support for a pressing  purpose. Today, at the urging of AVAAZ, I made a submission to theContinue reading “Online Causes – how effective are they?”

The question of the year

When my friend and colleague Denis returned from interviewing survivors of the Christchurch earthquake one year on, he noted that a common question was “Where is God in all this?” Denis reflected that perhaps the more pertinent question is “Where am I in all this?” It neatly swings us to a fresh line of questing,Continue reading “The question of the year”

The Iron Lady – a Greek Tragedy

Some have criticised this film because of an “undue focus” of the Thatcher years through her latter life dementia. I thought it aptly portrayed how ardent idealism (whether it be on the conservative or revolutionary side of politics) can alienate ourselves not only from those closest to us, but ultimately from ourselves. It cast aContinue reading “The Iron Lady – a Greek Tragedy”