We bought a zoo – movie review

Couple’s choice tonight – and we agreed on this one as ‘The Iron Lady’ was booked out. It has something for everyone – animals for the kids, teenage angst for the tweeners, and romance with lots of silent, knowing exchanges between the star turns. I desperately looked for something deep and meaningful but in theContinue reading “We bought a zoo – movie review”

Lazy, Hazy Days of In-Between Christmas and New Year

Languid, listless, lazy and deliciously so – without a hint of  WASP guilt! The turkey and ham are almost all gone. The prawns are in the freezer awaiting New Year’s Day. My car blew a water hose on Boxing Day while showing Grandma the local Christmas lights. I was chuffed I could get a mechanicContinue reading “Lazy, Hazy Days of In-Between Christmas and New Year”

Keeping the Startle in Christmas

Silverfish! One of the biggest challenges for those of us charged with narrating the Nativity each year is to allow the essence of the story to emerge through the sentiment and tinsel and, yes, the celebratory drudgery that many deem it their annual obligation to tolerate. A few Christmases ago, we ordered a heavy dutyContinue reading “Keeping the Startle in Christmas”

Advent Reflection – Love: action,not sentiment

Last week was tetchy. People were tired and stressed. Meetings were terse and abrupt. Summer storms, both meteorological and emotional passed swiftly over. The combination of festive preparations and end-of-year wrap ups added to the testy cocktail. Yet there were moments of pause and reflection – little oases of reality that emerged through the fluffContinue reading “Advent Reflection – Love: action,not sentiment”

Vale Christopher

I am saddened at the death of Christopher Hitchens. I enjoyed his writing, even though I struggled to find the words and arguments to counter the blistering clarity and oh-so-reasonable logic of his wit. We differed on much, but we also shared a few things. A birth year. 1949 is a good vintage, and IContinue reading “Vale Christopher”

It’s not within Cooee …

She frowned with miscomprehension, “What did you say?” “It’s not within Cooee of here,” I repeated. “In fact, you have to go south of the river to find it.” “That word …Cuey?… I’ve not heard that before.” It occurred to me that another word of our unique vernacular might be on its way out. Pity.Continue reading “It’s not within Cooee …”