Are there Dinosaurs in DOIC?

Remnants of the White Australia era seem to lurk in the labyrinthine corridors of Immigration & Citizenship – and they are advising our politicians! Let’s hope that the PM listens to Senator Brown and gives them the old heave-ho! Then maybe our politicians, desperate for sound advice, will heed those with some runs on theContinue reading “Are there Dinosaurs in DOIC?”

Crossing places

Back from retreat. Reflecting still on the ramifications of chaos theory, entropy of closed systems, and the ‘strange attractor‘ in evolutionary transition. So much sync with the Christian story! Ably led by Margaret Silf. Here’s something I wrote on “crossing places” My rope bridge came to mind even before it was mentioned I hate evenContinue reading “Crossing places”

Exploring destinations beyond

Imagine living in West Berlin during the time of the separation of East and West Germany – half a city full of bright lights and high commercial activity walled off to its other half and the surrounding countryside. Bus and train routes come to an abrupt halt at the borders. The destinations displayed on theContinue reading “Exploring destinations beyond”

Retreat to advance…

Yep, I’m off to cool my heels for a few days at the local monastery. Contemplative author, Margaret Silf, is leading a retreat around the theme of “transformation.” It seems to sync with some of my daydreaming of late, particularly following discussions on committees and commissions that, confronted with the need for change, are temptedContinue reading “Retreat to advance…”

Celebrating Forest Sunday

Sustainable September is a Western Australian initiative designed to focus the community across a spectrum of social, environmental and economic actions. It coincides nicely with the the Season of Creation on the church calendar, marked particularly by the Uniting Church in Australia, and which began in 2000 and coincided unknowingly with a parallel season calledContinue reading “Celebrating Forest Sunday”

If weeks had a theme…

… this one would be “breaking through.” a vestige of human decency broke through when the High Court decided against the legitimacy of Australia’s “people trading” deal with Malaysia. the annual Uniting Church School of Ministry considered scholarly data that pointed to where spiritual growth was “breaking through” globally in unexpected quarters and were confrontedContinue reading “If weeks had a theme…”

High Court Chaplaincy Challenge Diversions

        While on the matters of things High Court, it is interesting to see how the current challenge to the federal funding for the National School Chaplaincy Program is playing out: States play cat and mouse in High Court chaplaincy challenge – ABC Religion & Ethics (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Community debate surrounding theContinue reading “High Court Chaplaincy Challenge Diversions”